Swimming with Room 12

Room 12 has been swimming every day for two weeks at the AC Baths.

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final day

60's art

Room 5 & 6 have been looking at how people communicate their stories through art.

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Our resident artist Brooke

Room 1 Futuristic Cities

Room 1 are talking about what cities might look like in the future.

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working on creating a futuristic city

What's the FAD idea? Fidget Spinners

Room 3 have been learning all about Fidget Spinners. How they work, with bearings and friction. We have looked at the science behind them.

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Fidget Spinner Warm Up 2

ANZAC Discoveries

Room 3 have been learning about our brave ANZAC soldiers. We have been reading plays and journals about the Anzacs.

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Fergus and Nick

Neanderthal sneak peek

Room 8 have been working on their neanderthal costumes this week. We have had generous donations from teachers and parents and it has been up to students to come up with their own costumes.

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4 Student led costume design

Movement Exploration in Room 14

There has been lots of movement in Room 14 as we've have been joining with the whole Te Huka team for Movement Exploration sessions for P.E. this term.  

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Dance practice kneeling down

Busy Bees

We are very busy wee people in Rooms 10 and 11. Here are some photos that our teachers have taken of us while we were hard at work busy learning.

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3. The Shorter Ones

Super Scientists in Poihipi

We are having a great time in the Poihipi Community learning about Change, Science and what scientists do.

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5. Quick Mrs OSullivan close the bag

A Science Mystery

Our observation experiment is called ‘Disappearing Egg’ and takes a few days.

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1. mmm what will happen if