Have a Go Hockey

Everyone had lots of fun including the coach who thought everyone was very polite and gave everything a try. Read more about 'Have a Go Hockey'...

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All About Me by Libby

Why I had to do the All About Me project.

I had to complete this project because it was a follow up activity after my writing goal workshop. I loved doing this activity because it was fun and it made me think about who I am and what I like to do in my after school world.

I think I was working at an extended abstract level.  (SOLO Taxonomy)

By Libby

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Feb 2016 Libby W

Assembly Survey

Wairakei Primary School, Taupo, Assembly survey

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2016 Screen Shots Feb1

All About Me

I have been learning how to write 'All about me' and take a selfie in GAFE - Google Apps for Education. Read more about 'All About Me'...

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Aquaponics 'A' Unit Restart January 2016

Over the school holidays, Paige, Myles, Amelia and Ms Fitzsimmons emptied and stripped the 'A' unit. We removed all the plant roots from the clay bead beds. Read more about 'Aquaponics 'A' Unit Restart January 2016'...

A3 bed Amelia Myles Paige O S. 31.1.16 2 opt

New Students Plant Donated Trees February 4, 2016

Four new students to our school planted native trees in our Gully area as part of the schools revegetation programme. Read more about 'New Students Plant Donated Trees February 4, 2016'...

New students plant the trees with John 4.2.2016 opt