Arty Technologists

In Room 13 we value life-long learners. Miss Woodcock is a life-long learner - she is doing her Masters in Language and Literacy while teaching us. Her recent learning has involved Technology focussing on drawing for design. As she was doing her assignment she thought about the students in Room 13 and how she could integrate her new learning into the class programme.

Technology - Level One

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Know that a design plan records and communicates ideas

  • Understand that drawing and constructing are both methods of planning

  • Understand that the design process is reflective and that it is okay if the construction is different to the drawing

We are learning to use our excellent drawing and art skills for another purpose - Drawing for Design.

Drawing for design is what we can do to record our ideas when we are inventing something or wanting to build an object.

Miss Woodcock showed us how to draw a plan, she planned a little house by drawing a quick simple sketch - it wasn’t very fancy but we had a discussion about how this type of drawing does not need to be perfect. We also learned that it is okay to change things as we go because when we start building we may realise that what we thought would work, doesn’t. This is called reflecting and modifying.

Our first attempts were mostly successful - the task was to draw a design for a tower or a castle and then to construct it.


Haylen's design plan and construction


Isaac design plan included a large doorway here it is under construction


Room 13 technologists hard at work planning constructing reflecting and modifying

Nathan was very reflective and understood that a drawing for design plan is able to be changed: “my first tower fell down so I changed it so it would stand up, then I redrew my picture”


Amaya's design plan


Amaya's building construction


Te Ramaroa practising his planning and constructing skills

Pippa and Isla planned and constructed together, practising collaborative skills while they discussed what to do. When it didn’t quite work as planned they discussed changes they should make and built again.


Choosing a variety of construction materials


The girls chose to construct using paper

Tom used small lego blocks for his construction however the castle wall kept falling over. Miss Woodcock showed him how to cross the blocks over to give them strength. Finn reminded her that the garden walls outside Rooms 1-4 are built like that so we went out to observe them. Tom’s lego wall was then rebuilt and was very strong.

We are also learning about France in Room 13. As part of integrating our learning across the curriculum and learning how to become self-directed learners most of us are choosing to practice our technology planning and design skills during our ‘can do’ time. We are creating a variety of versions of the Eiffel Tower. It is amazing how many different types of materials can be used to construct with and how great we are becoming at working collaboratively while making choices to drive our own learning.


Integrating our inquiry and technology


Te Ahurei planned and constructed an alternate Eiffel Tower

8. choosing a variety of construction materials