Enviro Frogs New Habitat

The pond may be little at present, however it now houses our latest addition in the Aquaponics Unit - baby frogs.

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Can you find me

Successful Growing Season

Tomatoes have been a top producer from our Aquaponics Unit this past summer

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Mint growing in the Aquaponics Unit Feb 2017

Egg Find

While doing some clean up work in our outside vege garden, Enviro group found a chicken egg. We don’t have chickens at school however one from a neighbouring property had paid a visit at some time.

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IMG 0932

Flax Seed Planting

WPS Enviro group growing flax seeds from existing plants

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Collecting the Flax Seed

Kiwi Encounter

A group of seven Enviro students went to the Wairakei Golf course and sanctuary and  had the priviledge to meet and pat a Kiwi. Read more about 'Kiwi Encounter'...

3Kiwi Trip 15.05.2016 1

Aquaponics Teaches everything is connected

Amanda Jones, Education Coordinator, Kids Greening Taupo has forwarded us a link for the Waikato Enviroschools blog which Wairakei Primary School are featured on. Read more about 'Aquaponics Teaches everything is connected'...

aquponics2 1

Monarch Butterflies

There is nothing more stunning than watching new life emerge.

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Room 9 butterfly hatching opt

Aquaponics 'A' Unit Restart January 2016

Over the school holidays, Paige, Myles, Amelia and Ms Fitzsimmons emptied and stripped the 'A' unit. We removed all the plant roots from the clay bead beds. Read more about 'Aquaponics 'A' Unit Restart January 2016'...

A3 bed Amelia Myles Paige O S. 31.1.16 2 opt

New Students Plant Donated Trees February 4, 2016

Four new students to our school planted native trees in our Gully area as part of the schools revegetation programme. Read more about 'New Students Plant Donated Trees February 4, 2016'...

New students plant the trees with John 4.2.2016 opt

Living Heritage website

WPS Aquaponics and Enviro story is now 'Live' on Living Heritage. Read more about 'Living Heritage website '...

A community school story banner