How much is a fifth?

Room 12 know that a fraction can be part of a whole number or part of a group of objects.

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maths room12 howmuchisafifth2

Spring has sprung

Who doesn’t love a little bit of poetry? And what better season to write about than Spring? 

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Take-off, Target, Touch-down

STEM Challenges are terrific ways to help teach students about science, technology, engineering and maths, while building self-management, social skills and problem solving. ‘Target, Take-off, Touch-down’ was one of our STEM challenges. Students, working in pairs, had to launch a paper plane and land it on a landing platform.

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Discovery Time

Teachers provide exciting, activity-based activities which are fun, challenging, student-directed, and have an authentic context. Through teacher observations, interactions, conversations and questioning, students gain opportunities to explore, experiment, discover, and... Read more about 'Discovery Time'...

2019 Discovery Time 11

Balancing and Braking

Cath, from Kids Bike Taupō, came to school to help our children in Nga Tui learn to ride and develop their biking skills. We learnt about helmet fit, bike safety, bike maintenance and biking skills.

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As part of our inquiry, ‘From Here to There’, we investigated where our food comes from. We decided to make pizza because it is delicious and everyone in the class likes pizza.

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Magic Beans

Using face masks for this fairy tale, we all took a turn to role-play a character, making sure we changed the tone of our voices and used body actions like... Read more about 'Magic Beans'...

Magic Beans 1

Maps and Minefield Maths

One way we explored this was in math by learning about directions, creating our own maps, giving people directions and being able to follow them to navigate our way through mazes. Read more about 'Maps and Minefield Maths'...

2019 Poihipi MapsandMinefieldMaths16


In this story, Dylan had been helping his dad collect firewood and was feeling very cold. Dylan and his Dad came up with different ways to help Dylan get warm. Read more about 'Freezing'...