Book Hedgehogs

Wairakei Primary School, Taupo, Te Mihi learning community Hedgehog books. Te Mihi Community got creative with some unwanted books. We used online instructions to fold the many pages of the books, cut the covers to shape, and attach the eyes and nose. Some people used toothpicks to mimic the spikes of a hedgehog. 

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Taupo Spelling Bee 2016

On Thursday 8 September, five Te Mihi students took part in the Taupo Spelling Bee, hosted at the Great Lake Centre. Read more about 'Taupo Spelling Bee 2016'...


Systems Celebration

On Tuesday 23rd August 2016, Wairakei Primary School held a Celebration of Learning about our Systems inquiry. Read more about 'Systems Celebration'...

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Swim! Run! Term 3 PE in Te Mihi

We love going to swimming and mastering new skills. We all feel more confident in the water. The last day is the best as we get to have a fun day.

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Student-led workshop: Natural disasters artwork

Scarlett and Jacoba hosted a student-led workshop around natural disasters. It was an art workshop, focused on creating paintings with the theme of natural disasters. Read more about 'Student-led workshop: Natural disasters artwork'...


Te Mihi Spelling Superstars

On the 16th August the Te Mihi Community had their spelling bee competition. This was to find our individual speller and a team of four spellers to go into the... Read more about 'Te Mihi Spelling Superstars'...

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Wairakei Beats, From our senior school

This group of boys have been working on our school iPads using an app called Drumpad24. They taught themselves to use the app and practiced the skills to a performance level.

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Te Mihi Community Maths Update

In maths we have been exploring the world of geometry and in particular, 2D and 3D shapes. Read more about 'Te Mihi Community Maths Update'...

Declans pentagonal prism

Teaching and Learning Tuakana Teina Style

After we had visited the Honey Hive, some students from the Te Mihi Community researched the life of the Bee and came to Room 8 and 9 to teach our... Read more about ' Teaching and Learning Tuakana Teina Style'...