Fireworks in a jar

Our word of the week was immiscible. In science, it is used to describe how oil and water do not interact - mix or combined together - with each other, water molecules stay with water molecules and oil molecules stay with oil molecules, we discovered when we add food colouring it normally dissolves with the water until we add the fizzing tablets.

The tables create pockets of carbon dioxide that take the colour and non-coloured water molecules up inside the bubble allowing it to go through the oil.

Once they hit the top of the liquid solution they pop causing the drops back towards the water at the bottom.

Tyler- I thought it was going to explode out of the test tube.

Paige- I found the experiment interesting and exciting because i didn't know what was going to happen.

Chelsea- if you put all the ingredients in at once it won’t work but if you put them in using the instructions it will work

Lennox- It exploded all over the desk and made a mess.

Carney- We used vitamin like tablets.

Skylah it was exciting and it exploded colours

Alexis- It fizzed and bubbled, the colour changed and when we added it to the water it stayed in drops until it reached the water.

Jack- It kinda made a mess

Piper- It bubbled up taking the colours with it.

Firework in a jar video here

Room 9 rated this explosion 4 stars out of 5 stars for its success as an explosion. It was considered as messy as a volcanic eruption. For the sound, it only gets a 2 as it didn't make any real noise. But it get 5 stars for excitement

We then used our new water and oil discovery to start our new art background


Firework in a tray equipment


Firework in a tray water dye and oil




Firework in a tray paper in the dye




Firework in a tray magic



Firework in a tray backgrounds to dry


Keywords: passion projects, inquiry, science, exploration, explosion student agency, art, design

Firework in a tray water dye and oil 4