Room 8 have been learning about how to become a good friend and maintaining friendships. We are learning to discuss what a good friend is, and understand how to develop the qualities to enable strong and positive relationships with others.



We watched a story about some children who were having problems with other children and how they were able to resolve this situation.






We talked about our feelings if others were mean to us and how we could use different strategies to not get too angry or sad.  We also watched a video on how a new boy to the school felt alone and sad and how as a friend we could make him feel better. This would be being a good friend.



Harold came out to visit with us and he told us about an experience he had and how he was able be a good friend to someone else.

Keywords:  Problem Solving and Key Competencies                

Charlotte: I loved the stars on the ceiling in the Harold truck.  They made me think about the night sky. The activity that we were taking part in was to think about ideas to make someone new to the school feel safe and be a friend to them.

Max H - The videos and the message that they were trying to convey was how to be a good friend or show friendship towards others.

Swayde - We did think, pair, share in groups of 2 or 3 and we came up with really good ideas about how to be a good friend and we also talked about what we could do if we felt upset or angry.  I enjoyed being in the Harold truck because you always learn new things and see Harold.

Harold 1