How connected is New Zealand? An experiment.

Room 8 has signed up to a special project by a company called School Kit called ‘Exploring Kiwi Curiosity.’

The lovely School Kit team has send us some letter templates, in which we have written to a New Zealander that we are curious about. However, we are not simply posting these letters! In an experiment to see how connected New Zealand really is, we are only allowed to hand-deliver this letter to someone we know, then they pass it on to someone else, and so on!

This sounds like a tricky undertaking but we are up for the challenge! We selected an interesting cross-section of New Zealanders. At first, some of us struggled to even think of curious, famous New Zealanders. But after a while, it became easy as we researched many New Zealanders that are doing great things out there in the world.

“I chose Scott McLaughlin. He’s a famous racing driver.” - Angela

“I picked Sam Cane because I already know him. I’m going to give the letter to my mum.” - Jayda

“I chose Jacinda Ardern because she is the prime minister. This is my best writing.” - Freya

“Kane Williamson is my hero in cricket.” - James

“I chose Bill English and I’m taking my letter to Wellington on Friday and I’ll give it someone there.” - Jacob (This trip was already planned luckily.)

“I chose Harper from Shortland Street - she is my favourite.” - Savannah

We will keep you posted on the progress of our letters.


Angela researches her chosen New Zealander


I wonder if Phillip can get Adam's letter on its way to Sam Neill


Some of the NZers we chose to write to


We had a good discussion about keeping our last names private for cyber safety


We helped each other decide who to write to and then we researched


We hope Kane Williamson visits us!


We took our photos and sealed the envelopes!

We helped each other decide who to write to and then we researched