Jack is a growly man

Room 5 is having a great time writing personal metaphors for our Schoolkit project.

We each have to write a personal metaphor onto a postcard and these all join together to form a message. We are going to send this message, as well as our information poster, to a school in Christchurch. We will get one in return - we wonder where it will come from?

Our personal metaphors needed some detail and a picture to support the idea. At first, we just wrote a simple sentence but we realised that now we are senior students, we need to write a complex sentence to give a clear picture of ourselves.

Check out some of our original metaphors and we will show you the rest of our work when it’s ready to be sent.


Drafting our ideas


Maraea showing excellence in her planning


Doing our best work


Chelsy takes pride in her postcard


Adding detail and colour


We're eager to share our work


Angus is a fast motorbike


Growly man

8 Growly man