Learning from the best, and having fun

‘Kiwi Forever’

The venue was Wairakei International Golf Course and Sanctuary, the day was drizzly and chilly. However, that did not discourage a group (3 students and 3 staff) from our school attending the 'Kiwi Forever' launch of their new educational resource. And it’s a brilliant document.

Claire Tocher, author, presented an easy to follow introduction and overview of the resource.

Then we jumped into the golf carts and headed out for a hands-on example of using the resource with the ‘Bug Man’ himself, Ruud Kleinpaste.

The students were very excited to find and handle termites, beetles, worms and whatever else came out of the ground and rotten logs.

Thank you to all involved for a wonderful experience.


and away we go


Cool bugs from the rotten log


No bugs on the golf green


Paige, Cane, James


Ruud Kleinpaste 'The Bug Man' finds lots of bugs


Showing the bugs to the students

and away we go2