Loving our Literacy

In Room 13 we are quickly becoming avid readers of our many library books.

We are learning that reading is a great way to calm down after our break times. We are practising reading to ourselves for at least 10 minutes - quite a challenge when you are only 5½ or 6 years old!

During our reading time we have been learning how to visualise (make pictures in our heads). To help us practice this we draw a picture of a part of our story that we liked. We have started a class ‘quilt’ which is a collection of our pictures from many of our stories.

An activity we really enjoyed was when Miss Woodcock asked us to imagine our favourite pair of shoes or the most fabulous pair of shoes we would like to own. Then we got to draw them.

Wow, we are a class of shoe lovers. Move over Imelda Marcos.


Word Bingo







Word Bingo