Marvellous Maths

We Are Learning to make tidy numbers (WALT)

We know we are successful when:  

  • I can make a tidy 10

  • I can add the 10s together

  • I can add the ones together


Room 1 are learning around making a tidy 10 in order to add numbers more easily.

Tidy tens are when students make a number ending with a zero to help with adding, for example, 28+9 would be 30+7 which is easier to add.  


Initially, the students used materials to make their numbers, manipulating the counters on tens frames to help them.   


They then moved to use a whiteboard to create the same image, drawing the tens frames. They finished by recording the same strategy in their books.



The purpose of this is to take children from having to use equipment to be able to write the problems and then ‘image’ the numbers in their heads.


Initially, when the materials were taken away, they were worried they couldn’t do the task. Using the whiteboards was a nice transition to then writing the equations in their books. They were very excited to be able to do this in their books and are keen to keep practising this strategy.   


Their next steps are to work out bigger addition problems then transferring what they have learnt to subtracting numbers.

Mikayla - I learnt to make a tidy number becasue I had never learnt them before, well not that I remember.  I learnt to take an uneven number like 23 and change it to make a tidy number like 20. Whatever I did to one number like taking away 3, I had to add 3 onto the other number.  I then made a new number. I then added the two new numbers together. I found it easier to use the materials but then Whaea Sherryl took them away it was a bit tricky to start with but I got the hang of writing it down instead.  I feel really good about what I have learnt and I can’t wait for next week to learn more.

Jayden - We have been taking away from a number and adding to another number to make a tidy number.  We are doing this because it’s easier to add a number with a zero in it. Sometimes I get a bit confused when I have to change the numbers because I don’t quite know what’s happened to them.  When Whaea Sherryl explains it, it seems easy but when I do it, it seems hard. I need to peractice more so that I can get better at this.

Tara - We are doing adding big numbers.  We have to make tidy numbers. So I draw all the tens for 63+29.  I draw six tens and 3 ones then I draw 2 tens and 9 ones. Once I’ve done that I take one off the 3 and put it ontto the 9 to make a tidy ten and take one away.  So it’s now 62 + 30. Then I add all the tens and then all the ones. So the answer is much easier cos I add all the tens 60+30 which is 90 then the ones which is 2 so it’s 92. I love doing maths like this, I am a bit nervous about not using the tens frames anymore but I am getting used to drawing them in my book.

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