During our literacy time a few days ago Miss Woodcock noticed a huge amount of activity at the ‘long table’.

Initially, one of our class friends was making himself a mask as his ‘can do’ art activity. Word soon got around about this amazing creation and soon many other friends had joined in.

“Mmmm” thought Miss Woodcock. “I hadn’t really wanted 23 ninja masks being made! But, most of my little people are involved in this activity and are making a great job of it. Perhaps we could do some learning about masks and make some different styles”.

Penny, the 'awesomest' librarian, found an art and craft book and in it is an interesting mask made from a paper bag.

We had a go at making this type of mask. We had to learn about positioning (putting the eyes in the middle, not at the side), using detail such as dark colours and thicker lines so they can be seen from a distance and leaving room for a mouth and nose. Some creators had time to put on additions such as ears and whiskers.

On another day, the spare cardboard boxes were discovered sitting in the corner (they had been there for 3 weeks…). Very quickly these were turned into large box masks complete with eye holes. Soon addition was made to these as well - it seems adding on ears is an important consideration for us.

We plan to learn more about mask making in the future.


Te Ramaroa_s Prototype


Joining in the Mask Making


Paper Bag Masks


More of our Paper Bag Masks


Making Eye Holes in Cardboard Mask


And they work


Planning what type of Mask he can make from this

2. Joining in the Mask Making