Miss Woodcock’s Problem

“Boys” said Miss Woodcock the other day, “I have a problem. There are too many of your cars parked on my table”.

“I need you to help me with my problem, here are some cardboard rolls and a box. Can you figure out how you can use these so that you can park your cars during learning time meaning they are out of the way but not on my desk”.

“Oh, one more thing. I am only going to give you one more resource and that will be glue - so no scissors. And you need to work together as a group”.


The construction materials


construction under way


glueing in cardboard rolls

After a lot of rather loud discussion and many cardboard rolls stacked end to end, Tom cracked the problem and stacked some on top of each other so that their cars could be driven in.

After a busy and noisy half an hour, the main construction had taken place with all boys taking part with the ideas and glueing in the cardboard rolls. The final result is a double storied car parking garage with a storage area on top, also known as a place for books, helicopters, the car tracks or anything else that happens to be lying around.


All hands on deck


preparing for the top storey


Nearly done

The following day was the day to paint. A vote was taken to get the most popular colour which was red.

A fantastic job and some great learning happened. The main learning was that the boys had to listen to each other’s ideas as well as share their own, they also needed to work out how they could all participate in constructing the garage and painting it - no carpet or tables were harmed.


Ready for painting


Painting time

The boys are happy - they now have a really great car parking garage.

Miss Woodcock is very happy - she now has a tidier desk.



9. Painting time