National Young Leaders Day 2018

45 year 6 students made the early morning drive to Hamilton to participate in the 2018 NYLD forum.

It was an early start departing school at 7:15 a.m. Once we arrived we were welcomed into the Hamilton Claudeland Event Center along with 2500 other students from the Waikato area. We were there to listen to and be inspired by people who have made things happen in their lives.

We were inspired by speakers like Amanda Wilson who has made her mark through training/taming wild Kaimanawa horses. Her message was that it was ok to be different and that anybody can make a difference.

The amazing Ultramarathon runner Lisa Tamati spoke about being able to do anything if you put your mind to it and work hard. She talked about having asthma as a child and never being any good at running. People in her life told her she could run. Lisa changed her mindset and has run many races all over the world, some of these are as far as 270km. We were very lucky to have these stories shared with us and enjoyed the very long, but worthwhile day. I wonder who will speak next year?


The massive Claudeland Arena


Jumbo balls everywhere


lunch time


Vince Harder musician


waiting for the next speaker


Getting our dance moves on


William Wairua No words just that wow weee

1 The massive Claudeland Arena