Pizza Party Fractions

In Room 15 we have been learning about fractions in maths. We have found out that you can find a fraction of a set and a fraction of an object.

First, we learned about finding a fraction of an object. We cut up apples to find out what we already knew about halves and quarters and, guess what?! We knew a lot more than we thought! We already knew that:

  • Fractions must be a fair share - if you cut the apple in half, each side must be even.

  • A half gives means one part of two pieces - there are two pieces of apple if you cut it in half.

  • A quarter means one part of four pieces -  there are four pieces of apple if you cut it into quarters.

Mrs Young cut the apple into halves and then quarters. Then, she did something funny. She put two of the quarters back together and we learned that two quarters is the same as one half.



The following week, we recapped our learning about fractions and then we showed our learning with these cool pizzas. We decorated our pizzas with our favourite toppings and cut them into quarters to share with three of our friends.

Next, we are learning about finding fractions of sets.


Hector’s Pizza


Annabel’s Pizza


Blade’s Pizza


Josef’s Pizza


Lachlan’s Pizza


Oscar’s Pizza


Dali’s Pizza

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