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Merc Yr 6 Camp Photos

2017 Year 6 camp photos at MERC, Auckland

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MERC 2017

Healthy eating in Room 5 & 6

Today Jasmin Jackson from the heart foundation came into Room 5 and 6 to talk to us about healthy eating and how much of each food group we should eat.

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Jasmin talking

Silhouette stars in Room 5 & 6

Come into Room 5 & 6 to look at our collage silhouettes.

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Silhouette 1

Sports Registrations

Representatives will be available at your school registration days to discuss any queries people may have. Read more about 'Sports Registrations'...

Sports Field Wairakei Primary School2016

Yay! New furniture.

Rooms 5 & 6 love our new seating options and being part of setting up our learning space.

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New furniture 4

Te Mihi team letter

Te Mihi team, Wairakei Primary School, Taupo, term 1 letter to parents, caregivers and whanau

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Te Mihi Team Newsletter Term 1 2017

Te Huka team fun at Paradise Valley

The Te Huka team spent last Thursday in Rotorua at the beautiful Paradise Valley. Parents, teachers and students had a wonderful day among the beautiful bush enjoying the animals there. Read more about 'Te Huka team fun at Paradise Valley'...

Junior Cross Country 2016

The junior school ran their cross country in Week 5. We had a fabulous day due to great weather, enthusiastic kids and wonderful support from families who cheered all the... Read more about 'Junior Cross Country 2016'...

Room 10 creates an earth system in a bottle.

Room 10 had a busy day making their terrariums. There was hammering, threading string, watering and planting going on all at once.

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Terrariums 12