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Progress reports

Celebrating Their Successes and Making a Plan to Achieve Next Steps Read more about 'Progress reports'...


Aratiatia Hold Coca-Cola Accountable

As part of their Going Global Inquiry, Room 4 and Room 1 have been looking into the initiatives developed by Coca Cola to reduce the amount of plastic waste as... Read more about 'Aratiatia Hold Coca-Cola Accountable'...

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Matariki, Diwali and Aña Nuevo

Cultures around the world celebrate the new year in different ways and at different times according to their traditions and calendars. Read more about 'Matariki, Diwali and Aña Nuevo'...

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PMP - Learning Through Movement

We like to move it, move it - We like to move it, move it - We like to - move it! Read more about 'PMP - Learning Through Movement'...

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Poihipi Masterclass – Our Term One Celebration of Learning

Throughout term one the students of Poihipi challenged themselves to learn something new in the areas of construction, arts and crafts, digital technology and physical education. Read more about 'Poihipi Masterclass – Our Term One Celebration of Learning'...

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Steaming into School

Our future new entrant students and their parents spend five afternoons together experiencing some of the classroom routines and learning activities that they will encounter when they start school.

Read more about 'Steaming into School'...

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