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Swimming Towards the Future

Room 10 went to AC Baths to become more confident and comfortable in the water and improve swimming technique and survival skills. Read more about 'Swimming Towards the Future'...

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Maps and Minefield Maths

One way we explored this was in math by learning about directions, creating our own maps, giving people directions and being able to follow them to navigate our way through mazes. Read more about 'Maps and Minefield Maths'...

2019 Poihipi MapsandMinefieldMaths16

Wairakei Fantasy World

Children in the fantasy world group had to come up with ideas to transform one of the gardens. Main ideas were a volcano, race track and fairy houses. Read more about 'Wairakei Fantasy World'...

Poihipi WairakeiFantasyWorld04a

Room 10's Reconnecting and Testing Ourselves

The EOTC Day helped grow these friendships as children took part in a variety of activities that were new to them and challenged them in different ways. Read more about 'Room 10's Reconnecting and Testing Ourselves'...

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PE, Health and Wellbeing

"Fingers to the floor’" was a phrase used to remind children to nicely lob the ball to someone else so they have time to catch it. Read more about 'PE, Health and Wellbeing'...

2019 Poihipi HealthandWelbeing01

Room 10's New Beginnings

To keep the transition as easy as possible for the new children, I have adopted some similar routines and a timetable used Room 15 and 16. Read more about 'Room 10's New Beginnings'...


Room 10's Journey to the Stars

To showcase our learning about the stars the children did their own artwork about stars and space.

Read more about 'Room 10's Journey to the Stars'...

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Minute to Win It!

Children then took part in a rotation of 60-second challenges that use objects that are commonly available around the house/classroom.

Read more about 'Minute to Win It!'...

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Pride and Excellence

Each child has their writing goal sticking up out of their book so they can see it each time they sit down to write.

Read more about 'Pride and Excellence'...


The Power of Whanau

Room 10 sharing equipment, finding solutions to design problems with construction equipment, and talking through problems with each other when they arose.

Read more about 'The Power of Whanau'...