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Ohaaki Snake Charmers

Every Friday Ohaaki Team has Electives, we get to choose to participate in a variety of activities across our team rooms.

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Snake Charmer Carmeron

Hockey - Give it a go!

Izzy thought she may like to take up hockey after our experience today. Read more about 'Hockey - Give it a go!'...

Hockey 1

Room 3 and 4 Interactions

A great day for Room 3 and 4 as our students ventured into our neighbouring classrooms for inquiry workshops and interactions.

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Room3 4 Interactions 03

Marble Art Portraits

Michaela explains we have been working on our mixed media portraits. We have learnt new art techniques and shown perseverance because it has taken a long time.

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Marble 5

Ohaaki team letter

Ohaaki team, Wairakei Primary School, Taupo, term 1 2017 letter for parents, caregivers and whanau

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Ohaaki Team Newsletter Term 1 2017 Page 1

Learning from each other - Buddy Class

On Friday's Room 3 has the privilege of working with our buddy class Room 9. We help them with their poem, we help with a cool activity and we read... Read more about 'Learning from each other - Buddy Class'...


Room Three's Earth System Learning

We have learnt about the water cycle as part of the hydrosphere and how it is connected to the atmosphere, geosphere and biosphere. Read more about 'Room Three's Earth System Learning'...

Rocks 3 2