Reading Workshops

The White tailed Spider


Harrison Bobby Shaun Wiremu Reading Workshop

Wiremu learnt…”The White tailed spider has Palps, these are next to their eyes and are used for cleaning themselves and tasting.”

Caring for our Earth


Jackson Carly Lucy Chase Aidan Reading Workshop

Carly learnt….”Many cultures around the World learnt to look after their topsoil by burying dead animals and animal droppings to replace the important nutrients.”

Aidan learnt… “The Industrial Revolution was when factories were invented to make things instead of by hand. Unfortunately, the factories polluted the air (in London) and killed thousands of people.”

Fibres Made by People


Maz Jemma Ty Natalie Sol Reading Worskhop

Ty learnt….”The reason people made fibres were invented was because they are easier to care for like washing them in the washing machine.

Sol learnt…. “To make People made fibres you  need materials like coal, oil, sand and wood.”

Weekly Technology Challenge

Design a New Library


Halo Ahnika Library Design

Halo designed an outside area for their modern library, the worker’s desk is outside with a waterfall.

Ahnika created a lounge area inside their modern library so that people can read for pleasure.

Design a New Athletics Park


Harrison and Daisy_s Library Design

Harrison created a sprint track and vortex throwing field.

Daisy designed a long jump pit and also security cameras to check for the winners.


Room 13 Our Buddy Class

Jackson Carly Lucy Chase Aidan Reading Workshop2