Reo Maori - Whakawhiti korero

We are working towards speaking more Te reo Maori within our classroom.

Te Mihi are involved in a new initiative. This is called interchange where the students from each class visit a different teacher to learn a subject. Mrs Forrest is teaching conversation Maori (Whakawhiti korero). 

This week we learned how to ask and respond to a question. 

Kei te Pehea koe? 

How are you feeling?

Kei te pai au.

I am feeling good. 


We are learning to ask and respond to questions in Maori. Communication confidence Te Reo Maori

I learned some words in Maori about feelings. Emma

We love to eat doughnuts, all kinds of doughnuts to. Mrs Forrest said we were going to do a doughnut circle, we were excited but disappointed that we were not eating fresh, delicious doughnuts.  I'm our doughnut circle we got a chance to practise our Reo. The inner-circle asked the question “kei te pehea koe?” and the outer circle replied “ kei te pai au” The outer circle moved 1 place to the left and we repeated the process. 

I think it was good because we learned how to say stuff in Maori. Hannah


Donut circle practicing our te reo Maori communication building confidence


Asking a question about feelings. Responding to this question

As a follow-up task, we made a flip chart which will help us remember our newly learned Te reo phrase. 

I really liked how you taught us how to express our feelings, we now say these when we for the roll. Izzy B


A practical activity to help us remember Te reo flip chart Emoji icons showing feelings


Using emojis to help us remember the phrases we have learned


Learning languages

The next session we introduced a new phrase. 

Ko wai to ingoa?

What is your name?

Ko ________ Toku ingoa. 

My name is ___________. 

When we got back into our doughnut circle we had two phrases to practise with our buddies. We moved to the left so we got to practise with different people. 

Ko ________ Toku ingoa. 

My name is ___________. 

Ko _________ toku ingoa. 

My name is _________.

Kei te Pehea koe? 

How are you feeling?

Kei te pai au.

I am feeling good. 

I learned how to remember the names in Maori about feelings. Cole


Practising two phrases with our buddies

Learn it, teach it, prove it. 

Today in our buddy class we used our flip charts to teach Room 14 the phrases. They enjoyed seeing the activities we do in the senior school.  This was a good opportunity for us to use our newly learned knowledge and teach others. 


Flynn and Swayde teaching their buddy the different feelings in Maori


Amy helping her buddy with some of the pronunciation


Piki showing off her beautiful flip chart and teaching her buddy some conversational language

I liked the facial expressions on the emojis. Mahlek

Keywords:  Maori Language, Learners, buddy conversations, friendships, successes, celebration

Flynn and Swayde teaching their buddy the different feelings in Maori 8