Fishy Steve's Visit

Room 1 had a visitor from 'Fishy Steve'. He is a local fishing guide and came to talk to us about how important fishing is to our local community and Environment. We are studying 'How to care for our Environment' as our Inquiry topic.


Fishy Steve


Fishy Steve 2

The children had lots of questions for him and he explained how important it was to keep our rivers and streams clean from pollution. Some rivers get polluted from dairy farming and also from people who leave their rubbish around.

Fishing is important to our local economy because it brings in lots of money from people who love to go fishing in our lovely clear, clean waters around Taupo.


Fishy Steve 3

Fishermen use special “Flies” that look like “bugs” so they can catch their fish. Fishy Steve explained there are many different types of flies and some of them have names.

We found out that our fish like to eat bugs that live in rivers and streams and it is important that this food source is there for them to survive. Fish and bugs also need shelter to protect them from bigger predators.

fishy steve