Room 3's Waka

After finishing our tree-ty tree of respect, Room 3 decided we wanted to make another collaborative art piece for in our room.  

This time we wanted to show whanau. Trend suggested we make a class waka. We liked this idea, as a waka won't move anywhere unless everybody works together. ‘He waka eke noa, We're all in this together’, is the whakatauki that we decided to use with our waka.

We discussed all the whanau groups that we belong to and we talked about how we have to work together as a whanau in Room 3. We read books about working together to achieve great things. Photos of our class members fill the waka to represent Room 3.  Our class whanau is supported by our home whanau, so we decided to cover our waka in pictures of our home whanau.  

After learning about Maori art and what the koru symbol represents, we each drew our home whanau in koru symbols.  We drew many designs, and then chose our favourite one to use. Emily said that she wanted her koru designs of her parents to make a heart shape around the children.


Emily's koru whanau

After drawing our design, we coloured it with pastels.  Using pastels was a new experience for many of us. We learnt how to use dark colours under the koru and light colours where we think the sun would be shining on it.  This helped to make our koru look 3D. We tried to blend the colours, so you couldn't see where one colour started and the other colour finished. This was a tricky skill for many of us to master. Lachie chose colours that were like fire.  He said it was hard to get them to blend, but he persevered until the red and yellow blended into the orange.


Lachies koru whanau


Brookes koru whanau

Mrs Thompson helped us to stick all our whanau pictures together to create our Waka design.To make them join together, we dyed over top of them all with brown dye. This made the Waka look like it was one big piece of art.


Putting together our waka


Putting together our whanau waka

Next, we made the waves. To do this, we all worked together and covered big pieces of paper in blue, green and white pastel koru designs. We dyed over top of these with different shades of blue. Then we cut out wave shapes, which we put beneath our Waka.


Jordyn Lea and Lachie making our waves


Imogen making waves

Our Waka of our home whanau in room 3 has been supported by many other whanau, so we brainstormed what these were and added them to the waves that were holding our waka up; Aratiatia (our team), Wairakei Primary School, Wairakei Village, Taupo, New Zealand.

This collaborative art piece is high up on our wall watching over our class for the whole year, please come and have a look next time you are passing by Room 3.

Kora says, I love our waka!  It is awesome. All our work has joined together to make it.


Room 3 s whanau waka 2019

Putting together our waka