Room 4’s Tree-ty

Room 4 have been working together to create our classroom ‘Tree-ty’ to ensure our space has standards, rules and expectations.

Room 4 students have based their ideas on POWER.


After getting to know one another since the begging of the school year for 2018, Room 4 came up with some great ideas and thoughts around what our own classroom treaty would look like, sound like and feel like.  From our inquiry about the New Zealand Treaty of Waitangi, we came to understand our treaty would be a set of rules to abide by that are equal, fair and in the best interest of our classroom and whanau.


After much discussion around what we would like in our treaty, we were able to eliminate ideas, combine ideas and produce a treaty that would be the foundation of having a happy and fun learning environment.


Inspired by the book ‘The Tree Hut Treaty’ we designed a tree to display our vision. Together all our wonderful thoughts and opinions are acknowledged and valued. We all now have a beautiful view from our desks of a bright and colourful tree-ty stood strong and tall in the centre of our classroom.

We have placed our hands on our heart and taken an oath so we can learn, grow and blossom.

IMG 3365