Rubbish Audit 2017

Smelly? Tick. Squishy? Tick. Interesting? Tick.

On Friday, August 4, 2017, the Enviro Group students carried out a rubbish audit. With the help of Anaru (Groundsman) and cleaners, we collected ‘One Day’s’ rubbish from the classrooms and outside bins.

Cath, our South Waikato Enviroschools Facilitator, came along and helped us.

We set up tarps, weighing scales, labelled collection bins and had our tally sheet ready to record the results.

Students sorted the rubbish, counted whole food items and plastic wrap/wrappers and weighed each bin.

This year we have 351 students, approximately 100 for than the same time last year.


2nd setup of Rubbish Audit 4 August 2017


weighing each bin


sorting the rubbish


sorting bins


emptying the bags of rubbish collected


Paige and Ms Fitzsimmons spent the morning removing scoria from our ‘B’ Unit, washing new clay beads and putting them into the grow beds. We found the scoria too hard to plant in. All the beds were tidied up and new plants planted in all the grow beds.


Clay beads replace scoria 6.8.17

Clay beads replace scoria 6.8.17