Steaming into School

Going to school is an exciting and challenging time for young children and their families. Moving from early childhood education to school can be a positive and rewarding experience that sets children on a successful pathway. It can also be a period of vulnerability for many children.




Effective transitions are critical to the development of children’s self-worth, confidence and resilience, and ongoing success at school. This is a time to build relationships, maintain excitement for learning and ensure children experience continuity in their learning.

Wairakei Primary School runs ‘Steaming into School’, a preschool programme for children from 4.5–5 years, providing children and their parents/caregivers opportunities which promote a smooth transition to school. This programme is in addition to any scheduled school visits. You are required to enrol and then you will be sent an invitation letter.







Your child will be exposed to numbers, letters, shapes, and, more importantly, they learn how to socialise. To help your child learn language and strengthen pre-reading skills, we play rhyming and counting games and let your child tell us stories. They will have a group experience where they learn how to take turns and become comfortable being separate from you. All of this makes for an easier transition to school.





Comments from parents who have attended the Steaming into School programme with their child:

They love the making activities and the teacher reading them stories, just like at Kindy.

Steaming is great. My child was nervous the first time but this week is joining in much more.

It’s great for the children to see the classrooms and the teachers, and to meet some of the other kids they will be starting school with.



Skye - I like getting books and making stuff.

Grayson – I like going to the library at school.

Avery – I like learning poems.



Tracey O’Sullivan, the Steaming into School Teacher, believes ‘Steaming is an extremely important process. It’s valuable for the parents, as well as the children, because they form relationships and connections with other parents as well as the staff’.

Choosing the right school for your child is an important decision for families. Taking part in a transition programme such as Wairakei Primary School’s ‘Steaming into School’ programme can help you with your decision. For further information please see our ‘Steaming into School’ pamphlet.




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