String Art

As a part of Making Our Mark - an inquiry using hands-on experiences to build fine motor skills - Room 5 created string art.

This involved a variety of new skills for Year 4 and 5 students, namely holding and hammering nails, measuring and spacing the nails, tying very fiddly knots, and creating and following patterns. Quite often the patterns we made with the cotton dropped off or looked wrong and we had to pull it off and start again. This was frustrating but built our resilience. Our design also had to be meaningful to us and we had to be able to talk about why we chose the design we did.

It has taken a number of weeks for students to complete the steps needed to create successful string art. Some found strengths in hammering and didn’t hit their thumbs at all. Others became our go-to knot tying people. Everyone found something they were good at and something they needed to work on. And believe it or not, we used 2500 nails (although we do occasionally find them around our room.)

Please see the process in our photos, our assessment rubric, and a video featuring our string art and other hands-on activities in Aratiatia Community this term.


We found design templates online as a guide


We watched instruction videos and Mrs Graham made a model for us


We enjoyed working together on this


A lot of concentration was required it wasn t easy


Mind your thumbs


Frankie's pineapple


Two smiley characters


Nikea's favourite animal


Maraea's message


How we assessed our work

03 We enjoyed working together on this2