Super Subitising

During Maths, the Robins have been working on subitising.

Learning Objective:

What is subitising? Subitising the ability to recognise the number of objects in a small group without the need to count them.

The lesson with me modelling the concept… I began by counting out with the children, 7 plastic teddy bears. “Hold that number 7 in your head”. I asked the children to shut their eyes while I put an unknown number of teddy bears into a cup with a lid on it.


“Open your eyes” I asked. “How many bears can you see on the table?”

“Two, two came the excited cry!”

“How many teddies are in the cup then?”

“Five, five, five!”


I invited Isla to be the teacher and lead the children through another round of our subitising game. Subsequently, Bianca, Scarlett, Ryleigh, Sam and Baylee, led the game, most competently.

As part of our Making our Mark school-wide focus, we worked on correct numeral formation and handgrip, using the slates and chalk.



Robins will reinforce their understanding of subitising by playing this game independently in class.

The Robins’ next steps in learning will be to focus on playing the ‘Subitising Game’ with numbers 8, 9 and 10.


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