Super Subtraction Stars

Room 13 has been working hard on addition and subtraction.

We have been having a lot of fun using our ‘teddies’ to help us. Making up stories is a fantastic way to help us learn that we start with the whole group, that some are subtracted leaving us with a smaller group than we started with.

Here are some of our number stories:


Isaac’s Story:

“6 bears were having lunch. 1 bear left to drive his truck so 5 bears were left”.


Haylen’s Swimming Bears:

“There were 10 bears then 3 went swimming so the 7 that were left went to the disco”.


Amaya’s Sneaky Bears:

“9 bears were in the classroom with their teacher (10 bears altogether). When the teacher went to get some more maths sheets 2 bears snuck out leaving 7 bears. 10 - 3 = 7”.

Pippa’s Story:

“3 bears were going to the shop. 1 went to the toilet so there were only 2 going to the shop”.


Amaya's Teacher Leaving


Victoria's Subtraction Practice

3. Haylen s Swimming Bears