Tabloid fun with our friends

As part of building and promoting our relationship with local early childhood centres Wairakei Primary School hosted a Tabloid Sports Day. All the children from the Poihipi team participated in the morning of fun with our young friends from the local childcare centres and kindies.

The aim of the fun event was to allow the children to develop the skills of building relationships, managing self, and contributing and participating through a variety of fun games and activities. 

Our Y6 students hosted the event and some of the activities on offer included:

  • Rob the nest

  • Obstacle course

  • Beanbag target

  • Sack Races

  • Egg and Spoon

  • Stocks

  • Horseshoe target










I liked throwing sponges at Ryan and Kane. They were soaked (Seth)

It was fun. I liked the egg race (Amber)

The bean bag throw was cool. I got lots of points (Hector)

I liked throwing the sponges at Ryan. It was funny (Charlie)

I liked the tug of war because I always won (Lilly)

I liked the sack throwing because I would get points (Indigo)

A big thank you to the fantastic POWER and tuakana tana shown by our Year 6 students. You are all stars. We all had lots of fun.

Keywords: Tabloid, sports, preschool, throw, hit, aim, jump, balance

PETabliod Sports Preschool event Poihipi.jpg