Bang a Drum

Room 1 is enjoying experimentation with many musical instruments as part of the preparation for Summer Concert.

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2019 Aratiatia BangADrum 01

How much is a fifth?

Room 12 know that a fraction can be part of a whole number or part of a group of objects.

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maths room12 howmuchisafifth2

Spring has sprung

Who doesn’t love a little bit of poetry? And what better season to write about than Spring? 

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writing room10 springhassprung2


The purpose for this is to make, name and recognise wholes, halves, thirds, fifths, and tenth parts of a variety of objects. Read more about 'Fractions '...

Creating pizzas 4 1 2

Seed Germination

Room 13 have been focusing on the living world and the life processes of plants. We undertook to germinate a bean or pea seed by wrapping them in a damp... Read more about 'Seed Germination'...

Quick grow punets 2

Careers Expo

This event supported our learning around financial literacy, needs and wants, and goods and services. Many local business people and Taupo community services arrived at the school, including a Kinloch... Read more about 'Careers Expo'...

2019 Aratiatia T3 CareersExpo 20

Ice cream, Icecream we all Scream for Ice Cream!

A big smile from RyleighWALT follow a persuasive writing model Success Criteria My persuasive writing must have: Read more about 'Ice cream, Icecream we all Scream for Ice Cream!'...

A big smile from Ryleigh


In this story, Dylan had been helping his dad collect firewood and was feeling very cold. Dylan and his Dad came up with different ways to help Dylan get warm. Read more about 'Freezing'...