Target Ball Fun in Room 6

Mrs Thompson taught us how to play ‘Target Ball’, which is a game that encourages us to think about strategies and working together.  

She explained the basic rules, that we had to stay outside the rectangle, one team on each line and try to get the big target ball to cross the other teams’ lines, without touching it with our body. We had 8 balls to use. We soon realised that we needed to work as a team and use some strategies. Mrs Thompson let us play for a while, then stopped us so that we could korero with our teammates to discuss strategies and figure out a plan. Most of us realised that we needed to spread out along our line and hold onto a ball to use for defence. Some teams also decided to roll the balls, rather than throw them, so that they didn’t bounce over the target ball.

We stopped several times to discuss strategies, fairness and rule changes. We decided it was fairer to swap sides after each point and to not be allowed to hold onto too many balls. We also tried playing with extra target balls. As the game evolved, we used different strategies and realised we needed to make rule changes to keep the game fair and flowing well. There was a lot of strategy discussion, but lots of fun trying to force penalties on the other teams too.









Target Ball 9