Te Mihi Challenges

Challenge 1 - Cars, Cars, Cars

The Te Mihi team likes to have challenges each term. The challenge was to build a car out of recycled ‘stuff’ and launch it down a ramp. The car that travelled the furthest was the winner. We had a whole term to collect our items, build our cars and test them. On our initial test, we found that some things needed to be modified in order for the car to go further or to even move at all.  

We learnt:

  • About the importance of having an axis that could move freely.

  • That if it was too light then it wouldn’t travel as far.

  • That CD’s make really good wheels.

  • That sometimes the simplest of ideas are often the best.

It was great fun racing our cars against the rest of Te Mihi.











Challenge 2 – Paper Darts

Challenge number 2 was to build a paper dart, using only paper (with a bit of tape if required).  For this challenge, we could enter 2 categories – distance and/or tricks. The winner in the distance section was the dart that flew the furthest and in the tricks section, it was the dart that flew in the most interesting way. Amanda and Dallas were the judges.

Some of the darts were large and made with heavy card and others were simple and light. Some of the darts did neat tricks, like a loop-de-loop before landing.



Photo 5