Wacky wig and crazy hat day in Room 12

‘Wig Wednesday, June 19, 2019” is an annual event that helps raise awareness and support for Child Cancer Foundation and raise funds to support Kiwi kids with cancer. Wig Wednesday encourages schools, businesses, community groups, and individuals to wear a wig for one day and fundraise.

Caleb’s Story

Caleb was diagnosed with cancer in 2016. Last year Caleb started school for the first time in Room 15. One day Caleb brought his special beads to show the children in our class - a bead for every medical procedure he had been through. Caleb now has 1,777 beads. The children in our class admired how brave Caleb was. Caleb started the year with Mrs O’Sullivan and the children in Room 12. This year, on a routine check-up, scans showed Caleb had relapsed. Caleb, now 7 years old, has taken it in his stride and has been having treatment at Starship hospital regularly. The students in Room 12, Tracey and Mrs O’Sullivan excitedly await Caleb’s visits to our class when he is back home in Taupo. He is our hero and we wanted to show our caring and support for Caleb, Izak and their parents by supporting Wig Wednesday.

Wairakei Primary was a sea of colourful hats and wigs.


Today we are having a crazy hat day to raise money for Child Cancer and Caleb K. He is from Room 12 and we all miss him. That’s why we are raising money for Child Cancer. (Scarlett) 


Today is crazy hat day. We are doing it to raise money for Child Cancer. Brooke and Paige’s hats look the same because they are twins. ( Lyla)

Today everyone had hat day. All of my friends had to give a one or two dollar coin because people that have cancer will need to raise money to make them feel better. (Brooke)

Today Wairakei Primary School is doing funny hat day and the students are raising money because the children that have cancer can’t go to school and kindy. They must be really sick and need medicine. (Paige) 



I wore a koala hat because it looks cute. We paid to do this to raise money for child cancer. (Bianca) 


My friends and I dressed up in funny hats at school because it was hat day to raise money for sick kids. (Danielle)


Today I have orange hair to go with my black hat for crazy hat day. (Ana)


I am wearing my unicorn beanie and it has pockets. I love it. (Lilly)


Today it is hat day because we are giving money to Child Cancer. (Finlay)

Today it is crazy hair day because we are fundraising for Child Cancer. (Jacob)


Today is crazy hair day. (Hunter) 

Today it is crazy hat day and I am wearing a unicorn hat because I love my unicorn hat. (Baylee)


We are having a crazy hat day at school and we are raising money for Child Cancer. (Eli)

We are wearing crazy wigs. (Alex)


Thank you so much for supporting Kiwi kids with cancer and their families. As a school, we raised $503.00 towards this worthy cause. As the Child Cancer Foundation receives no government funding, support is powered by people like you. Thanks for supporting our friend Caleb and all the other children in New Zealand fighting these illnesses. Thank you for being their Hair-o’s!




Caleb really wanted to do a skydive and this year through the great work of “Make a wish” Caleb was given the opportunity to do exactly that.



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