Yoga And Mindfulness Comes To Room 2


In Room 2 we have been learning yoga on Wednesday afternoons. Max Hendra’s mother, Debi, has been kind enough to give us some of her time to come in and instruct us.

All the students positively take the opportunity to be involved in this and love trying something new.


Olivia and Tawhiri



We have been having a great time moving through some of the yoga poses, which all the students seem to possess the natural flexibility for.


Taylor and Patrick



However, Debi is also teaching us the mindfulness and empathy that is integral to yoga. Along with yoga poses and stretching, we talk about how lucky we are to have the living conditions we do in New Zealand, compared with other third-world countries. We brainstorm ways to show kindness to others and make sure we are thinking kind thoughts for others rather than allowing negativity into our minds. We discuss ways to respect and value the material things we have, and the importance of charitable giving to people in need.


In the modern world which tamariki are growing up in, these topics are especially relevant. These days time on Fortnite is valued over getting a good night's sleep, and negative talk online is becoming more and more common. The material objects we need for daily living, such as school uniforms, hats, and lunch boxes, are so easily lost or broken because of lack of care. Debi is helping us change our mindsets towards positivity, health and respect of others. It is great hearing Room 2 thinking of ways to show kindness to others.

We can help people when they are hurt. Zoe

By playing with people who are alone at lunch. Declyn

We can give people compliments. Olivia

Thank you to Debi for spending some of her time with us to teach us yoga! It is great to be able to use some of the expertise we have in the community to develop the student's competency in participating and contributing.


Keywords: yoga, respect, mindfulness

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