Daina Mellor

Wairakei Primary School has my heart and has ever since I came here as a 5yr old for only one year.

Quite a few years later after having lived all my life in Taupo, travelling overseas and meeting my Aussie husband in London I came back to live in Wairakei Village. My son Boaz who is now attending Taupo-Nui-A-Tia College, came to this fabulous, 'country-feeling', yet a progressive school in 2008-2014. It was a brilliant foundation for his formative primary schooling, setting him up well for Intermediate and College and he still talks about his many great memories.

The environment was so inviting, helpful and inspiring that I volunteered my time where needed, when they offered me a job as a teacher aide in 2010. I jumped at the chance because my passion is helping children to achieve their true potential and value in the world. Unfortunately, after a year I had to give this away but in 2016 was able to pick it up again and worked at Taupo Primary and then finally back home to Wairakei Primary where I work one on one with any age students when needed.

I am also currently doing extramural studies in 'Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Learning Behaviours' which I am loving. It is good for children to know that learning never stops.

Wairakei Primary School is a great place to work because we all support one another which makes it a safe and happy environment to be.

2017 Wairakei Primary School Daina Mellor
Live simply so that others can simply live.
- Ros SwainsonDaina Mellor