Helen Dredge

I have taught at Wairakei for 10 years. My family have lived in the Taupo area for 18 years.

I began here at Wairakei as a new entrant’s teacher and have had experience in all levels of the school. Currently I am team teaching with our Deputy Principal in a Year 4/5 class. 

Wairakei has offered me many opportunities to expand my expertise and develop my practise over the years. For the past 3 years I have had been involved in the Maths Professional development initiative, beginning with the Accelerated programme in maths (ALIM) in 2012,then for the last 2 years the Maths Specialist teacher programme. These programmes have included study at a post graduate level. This has been a challenge which I have embraced enthusiastically. Continued study is a goal of mine and I am intending to complete my Bachelor of Education within the next year or 2. I enjoy supporting staff at the school with their Maths practise. This includes contributing to staff meetings and sending out a weekly Maths tip. I am currently the Staff representative on the Wairakei Board of Trustees and enjoy this role.

2017 Wairakei Primary School Helen Dredge
Initiative is like a muscle-to grow strong it must be regularly exercised.
Look out for the opportunity.Helen Dredge