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Extending the classroom: Happening Now

Keep Learning

3 min Read

Targeted Support Where it Counts

It’s a team effort at Wairakei Primary to provide various learning programmes that support our learners to be their best.
Science, Technology, Mathematics and Statistics
5 min Read

Unleash Your Potential - Think and Create with Epro8

Engaged, focused, and enthusiastic students were observed interacting with each other and tackling the challenges presented during Epro8 STEM activiti…
Mathematics and Statistics
5 min Read

Confidence in number knowledge

Game-based situations can be a fun and effective way for students to practise mathematical concepts and memorise basic facts. Games provide an interac…
< 1min Read

Term One, 2023, Celebration of Learning

Poihipi  classes have been inventors, engineers, builders, artists, carvers and writers,  as they have delved into the Inquiry "A Child is a Precious …
The Arts, Technology, Science
< 1min Read

He taonga te tamaiti

Every Child is a Taonga
Learning Languages
4 min Read

To Tatou Maunga Kaha - Our Mighty Mountain

Our pepeha is a taonga because it gives us a deeper connection to our whenua and ancestry. Learning and understanding our pepeha is a way of celebrati…

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