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Our Power Station - The Power Monkeys

Part 1: The things that we used to make our power station were pretty simple. First we found a place to work and laid out our newspaper and we were re…
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Steam All The Way - video script

A: Hello and welcome to our geothermal project, I’m Alyssa.

I: I’m India S: I’m Sophie G: I’m Gracie a: and I’m Avery
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Welcome to our Power Station by the Ducky Squad

How Geothermal Power Stations Work

First the steam that comes out of the selected geothermal hot spot gets transferred through the metal pipes to the…
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Out and About Around the School

A trip to the gully, the maze, and the aquaponics unit have helped Room 12 unpack what an ecosystem is and to use these experiences to write informati…

Dealing to Decimals

Training for the inter school Mathematics competition is underway for Years 5 and 6 students.

Exploring Māori Tikanga and the of Gifting Pounamu

Pounamu holds a special place in Māori culture, symbolising the connections between people, their ancestors, and the land. To make the learning experi…

Blazing Brilliance

Knowing what to do in a fire is an important life skill that could just save a life. The Firewise programme is a key resource to teach students about …
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25 Years and Counting

There are not many things at Wairakei Primary School that Diana Fitzsimmons doesn’t know about. As she heads towards her 25 year celebration, I sat do…
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Tech Savvy Students

Room 5 delved into the world of coding using Scratch and Scratch Jr, embarking on a creative journey of digital storytelling. By using these coding ap…
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Tu meke Tuatara

Do you know that the tuatara is New Zealand’s largest reptile and is often called our living dinosaur? Room 14 do!
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Fresh Veg At Our Fingertips

Your Lucio - Your light  

Room 4 secured one of three plant towers purchased by Wairakei Primary School as we continue to promote and develop healthy…

Building Resilience

Building resilience is part of growing up. There are many opportunities during the school day to put this into practise. In our school life students c…

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