5 ways to show our POWER values when moving

At Wairakei Primary School the whole school is building a positive learning environment so all learners can strive to the very best of their learning ability. 

The school wide goal over the past three weeks has been to "move around the school as a class showing POWER". The teachers’ and students' have been discussing, demonstrating and practising the skills so everyone can be successful to achieve this goal. 

To show POWER to self, others and the environment when moving around the school as a class everyone needs to remember to:

1. Walking sensibly and quietly: 

When walking sensibly and quietly around the school as a class, students  show POWER to others. Students are setting a good example for those who are watching them. If they are being sensible and quiet, they will not distract other classes while they are teaching and learning. 


2. Keeping our body to ourselves: 

When students are moving around the school as a class, they show POWER for self and others by keeping their hands and feet to themselves. They are demonstrating respect and whanau for themselves and their peers. 


3. Follow the leader in front of us: 

When students are moving around the school as a class they need to  follow the leader in front of them. They show pride for their class as they move together as a group.

4. Following our teachers instruction: 

Students show POWER for self and others when moving around the school by listening to the teachers’ instruction. By doing the right thing at the right time shows respect, pride, excellence and whanau.


5. Walking around corners: 

When students  walk sensibly around corners  they  are being mindful of others who might be coming the other way. Students are showing POWER for others and the environment.  


Wairakei Primary School staff and students will continue to work together for the rest of 2020 in order to build a positive learning environment for all learners and we can strive for POWER in their learning. 

View the Moving around school video here

WPS next steps on our POWER journey are to continue practising the POWER values taught in class as well as learning new skills that help to build us as lifelong learners.

Key Words: Values, POWER 4 Learning, Pride, Opportunity, Whanau, Excellence, Respect, POWER 4 Self, Others and Environment

Attributed to: Natasha Forrest, Melissa Isaacson, Whare Margo, Fiona Griffin, Claire Smith, Paula Farquhar, Jenna Foley, Courtney Warren, Gordon Roberts, Tayla Nicolson

Room 11 students lining up outside their classroom showing POWER to the other classes