A colour symphony in Room 8

Room 8 love science.

The children previously made sherbet and loved it. This time we tried another science experiment called “a colour symphony”.

Our learning intention was to observe, describe and compare physical and chemical changes to common materials when they are mixed. We would mix dishwashing liquid, food colouring and milk following precise instructions.


In groups of five, the children were given the science experiment instructions sheet. First, they had to read through the equipment and ingredients needed. Then they had to read the set of instructions. We talked about measuring the right quantity of each ingredient to succeed in our experiment.

I gave the children a science experiment template that we filled in together. They had to write the title of the experiment, the equipment and ingredients needed and then their prediction. We learned about this new word as a class and we had a lot of discussions about it. Then they predicted what was going to happen.



Once we were all set up, we went outside and the fun began. In their different groups, the children started to mix the different ingredients together. It was great to see them so enthusiastic about their learning.




Experiments encourage children to be curious, creative and confident. Learning through science is helpful in several areas of study. Science encourages mathematics as the children had to respect the correct quantities to be successful in their experiment. Reading and writing were also crucial parts of this science experiment.  

When each group had finished their experiment, we went back to the classroom and discussed what had happened. The children wrote their results and as a class, we learned about the conclusion of this experiment. The dishwashing liquid chases the fat in the milk which causes the colours to spread out across the milk.

Children learn by doing. Hands-on science encourages the children to do something – observe, ask questions, touch, smell, experiment. Doing science experiments give the students the chance to make discoveries on their own. Critical thinking skills are enhanced during such science activities. The students can ask why, how, and what questions. They can help answer the questions themselves and learn the scientific process along the way.

Room 8 really enjoyed this science.

Keywords: Science, experiment, prediction, physical and chemical changes, instructions

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