A day in the life of Cindy


Cindy is one of our experienced teacher aides who has worked at Wairakei Primary School for 15 years. 

I used to come to school every day with my children when they started until finally Mrs Woolnough, the junior team leader, asked if I would like a job... I said yes and I’ve been here ever since. I absolutely love it. Just as I’m going to sleep I think of something that has happened at school that day and laugh to myself. Cindy

Cindy starts her day off working with Baylee who has speech apraxia.


Baylee and Cindy using puppets.

Speech apraxia is a speech disorder that makes it difficult for Baylee to pronounce syllables and words. The words are in his head - he knows what he wants to say but is not able to produce the words clearly. Children with apraxia have great difficulty producing the specific movements of the tongue, lips, jaw and palate that are needed for intelligible speech. 


Baylee and Cindy practising sentences’

Each morning Cindy and Baylee work together on a programme guided by a speech language therapist. Cindy’s responsibility is to find and make resources and activities that will support Baylee’s education and speech goals. 

Amanda, Baylee’s mum, had this to say about Cindy. 

Cindy does such incredible work. It was Craig’s birthday yesterday and for the first time he was able to say happy birthday dad all thanks to the hard work she does.  

After working with Baylee for half an hour, Cindy heads to Room 4 where she works with Lexi who has a double cochlear implant. Cindy supports Lexi in class with the goals of accelerating her learning and encouraging independence. 


Lexi and Cindy

While in Room 4 Cindy will work with Lexi independently and also with other children in groups or she may supervise the class while the teacher works with Lexi.


Scaffolding students and writing time

Cindy helps me with my work and she doesn’t get cross. If Cindy wasn’t here I would still have to be in kindy. Joseph, Room 4. 


Cindy & Joseph

Cindy also works with outside agencies such as the Resource Teacher for Deaf and Speech and Language therapists. She contributes to students Individual Education Plans where we set goals and reflect on progress. Cindy works closely with the classroom teacher where they discuss how the students are going and next steps. 


Tayla and Cindy

Tayla Nicholson, Room 4 teacher, had this to say about Cindy.

She is an amazing support for our learners, always uses her initiative and completes things without being asked. She is literally the four walls in my classroom wrapping us all up and making sure we are all in there doing what we should be.

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Cindy and Room 5