All About Emotions

Emotional regulation is a key learning aspect to Room 4. It is important for the students to understand how to express their emotions and the best way to do this without hurting themselves or others. 

Zones of Regulation can help students to identify which emotions belong in which zone. In order to monitor their emotions, Room 4 has introduced a mood meter. Students can place themselves within the zones of the meter to identify what emotion they may be feeling.

This is a way that students can manage their own emotions and, in turn, their choices and behaviours. This means that others in the class can see how individual students are feeling at any given moment in time and can relate to and support them with their current emotional need. 

Dani says It is great to use the mood meter because it is good to express your feelings.


Students investigated the four different emotional colour zones:  blue, green, yellow and red.  These colour zones represent different groups of emotions - low, happy, mad and wobbly.  Students identified one emotion zone and listed five feelings they may have when they are in that zone.

Aylah says I like the emoji corner because I can use the calm down thermometer to help change my emotions and calm myself down. 



Take a look at what feelings some students have identified within the different emotional zones. 





Learning about emotional regulation is an important part of the Health and Physical Education Curriculum and supports the teaching of the Key Competencies of Managing Self and Relating to Others.

Thank you to Resene Taupo for supplying the colour samples for the students to use. 

Keywords: Emotions, Zones of regulation, Positive behaviour for learning, Mood meter,  

Curriculum Links: Health and Physical Education -Interpersonal S

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