Amazing Animal Artwork

What amazing artists we are.

Did you know that you cannot make a mistake when doing art? Room 4 has been looking at different ways to explore emotions and drawing to music and learning that you can’t go wrong. 

When we were listening to the music we had to draw how it was making us feel and the rush of emotions that we felt as the music changed beats. All our work was different as we did not necessarily feel the same as someone else did when listening to the music. The colours also represented how it was making us feel. 

Lyla said the music made me feel crazy

Josef said it made me feel good




We then brainstormed some places we go to in the school to explore some textured backgrounds. There were many different areas in the school we came up with, such as doing a crayon rubbing over the bricks, the cobblestone outside our classroom, the corrugated iron on the outside of Room 15 and much, much more. 

Next we had to decide what type of animal we were going to make. This depended on what sort of eyes and noses we needed to draw. 

Our different eyes and noses we have created to put on the final piece. 



To create our background we dyed over our crayon drawings from earlier. We decided to leave some with just crayon and others had dye flicked all over the paper. We then cut these up to share among the class. This meant that we had a range of different colours and textured backgrounds.. These were then glued to our big piece of paper in a fan arrangement. We then glued our eyes and nose. This was the beginning of our animal face. 

We then used black paint to add the rest of the detail. 

Our almost finished final product. 

Hunter said it was fantastic because it was fun and not boring




Keywords: Artists, emotions, collaboration

Amazing Animal Artwork 05