Amazing glowing jelly

As part of our inquiry learning “In my words” the children have been involved in a range of science/STEM experiences. The aim of this emersion is to learn scientific vocabulary and share their thinking, with others, using the language of science.

The students learning involved:

  • Using scientific language to explain what we think and see
  • Extending their experiences through exploration
  • Building their language and develop an understanding

First, as a class, we wondered what would happen if we added bubbly water to our jelly crystals. We recorded the children’s ideas which ranged from the jelly exploding, bubbling and changing colour.

Next, we collected all the equipment that we needed to do the experiment.  


We carefully followed the steps outlined (method) in the photos:

  1. Put 1 packet of jelly crystals in the bowl.


  1. Add 1 cup of boiling water and stir well.



  1. Add 1 cup of tonic water and stir well.



  1. Pour into cups. Put in fridge to set.




  1. Use UV light/torch in a dark room to test if the jelly glows.



  1. Decorate with fruit, marshmallows and sprinkles. Then eat.




We made observations of what we saw which involved the green jelly glowing white under the UV light. The children noticed that the red jelly only glowed on the top where the sugar crystals had formed.

I wonder if the green jelly will still glow when it is in our tummies (Ana)

The red jelly didn’t glow because it was older. The jelly had bubbles and ice crystals on top (Dali)

I think the bubbles in “titantic” (tonic) water will make it glow in the dark. (Josef)

Keywords: Observe, Reaction, Change, Equipment, Method, Inquiry

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