And the Number of the Day is


Having a selection of three different numbers on our board, the children in Room 6 can choose their level of ability to work out the number of the day.  



Having a choice to work independently, with a buddy or in groups the children need to answer questions to show a variety of representations for the number including drawings, equations and appropriate strategies to solve the number problem. 


Working with a buddy or in small groups creates a level of confidence that will encourage students to discuss their thinking, share their ideas and develop growth in the ways they think about numbers and operations.  


Allowing students to share their representations and learn from each other is a vital component of Today’s Number and provides the teacher with a great deal of information about how students are thinking about numbers.  

Keywords: Global newspaper, writingCurriculum links: Mathematics - Number Strategies: Communicate and interpret simple additive strategies, using words, diagrams, pictures and symbols. Patterns and relationships: Generalise that whole numbers can be partitioned in many ways.

Number TeMihi Room6 Photo 6