Animated class treaty

Room 9 started the year with a cracker of a start. We decided that not only did we want to create our class treaty visually, we also wanted to show our agreement in a more interactive way.

We were learning how to show others who were not there, what we meant by different rules in our class treaty. As a class, we started with learning how fun scratch Jr can be and learning what every function did to our avatar when we used it.

In teams, we set out picking one point of our treaty we thought we could animate. Then we had to brainstorm how we could show this thought so that others can understand what we were setting out to demonstrateInsert photos


Lilly How can we make our people show others how to be kind




Lilly: Look i can make the cat jump around the screen when i click on him, when i put in the voice block he can say what ever i record

Dallas By finishing my instructions with the instruction to send a message, i can then start the next line of instruction telling my character what i want to happen when they receive that message



Zoe: You have to check what you are making the people do to see if it is listening.

Zahn: When you give it the right instructions it feels good seeing it work



We demonstrated only 7 of our class treaty agreements and were able to create a short movie hope you enjoy our first ever attempt of using scratch to create mini-movies that teach us lessons.

View our Class treaty jnr scratch video here.

scratch jnr changing the setting