Area and perimeter using Sphero

The mini golf Sphero Masters.


Learning intention: Create and use appropriate units and devices to measure length, area, volume and capacity, weight (mass), turn (angle), temperature, and time.

We have been learning about measurement, specifically area and perimeter.




This gave us an opportunity to use some of the new technology we have in the School. Sphero robots are small (around the size of a tennis ball) programmable robots. There are three ways to program the robots, draw a shape using your finger, drag and drop block code and JavaScript for the more advanced coders.




Why teach robotics?

  • Robotics supports an innovative and creative approach to teaching and learning
  • Robotics supports all STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). However, there are connections to robotics across all of the curriculum. For example, students can build and use robots to help them understand the characters and plots of books they read.
  • Robotics supports learning with a focus on problem finding and then problem-solving


Robotics provides opportunities for:

  • sensory learning – students are emotionally and physically engaged in their learning
  • improved socialisation – students practice observation, listening, communication, and collaborative skills
  • hands-on innovation – students question, problem solve and design solutions that potentially have real-world value
  • reinforcing skills useful in future employment – students not only learn how to create and control technology but also practice key skills needed in the future workforce
  • learning to program – students learn to control a robot with precise instructions

While thinking how can we make measuring area and perimeter of a shape more interesting I thought why don’t we design and build some mini golf holes. Well, that went down a whole new road. Room 5 & 6 are now covered in masking tape mini golf holes.



The task was to design three holes, measure the perimeter and calculate the area, then recreate their best design on the floor using masking tape. Finishing up with a mini-golf challenge.

What the students thought about it.

It was cool because I learned something new and it was fun. Cole

It was exciting because we learnt something new with the sphero’s. Chloe.

I learned how to code and after I got the hang of it it was easy. Nikau

I thought it was cool as we got to code the sphero to play our golf hole. Cyanalee

It was really cool because we could teach other kids how to code. Reid

Enjoy our videos here

Area and perimeter7